Askhjset Productions

Wassup everyone and thanx 4 supporting and enjoying, and hopefully getting off 2 the content I produce. Let me tell u guyz a lil about the brand and myself. 

I'm a Fetish Producer, Actor & Director

My stage name is John Dough.

Askhjset Productions was founded in 2009. 

Askhjset is an acronym: Alwayz/Stay/Keep/Having/Jointz/Stashed/Every/Time

Askhjset Productions iz a brand, company & lifestyle. I create fyree fetish content wit' modelz. I werk with established modelz, as well as newbiez, as long as it makez senze 4 my brand and they're down. One of the main goalz of Askhjset Productions is to find and showcase new models, make dope content wit' them and hopefully get them noticed within the fetish community and by bigger fetish brands and companies. Lastly, if you're feeling the clips I create, support ya'll. That way I can keep making fyree content 4 ya'll. At the end of the day, everything all goes back n2 da businezz...salute & enjoy the content. 


I discovered I had a foot fetish at a young age, (in my elementary school days), but i didn't know what it was then. All I knew is that I would feel that rising sensation in my lower area lolz. I was in elementary school and there was this white gyrl Krystal who alwayz wore flip flops and did shoeplay. She was the only gyrl in the class that wore flip flops and I always loved that aspect where she was showing her feet. Then in middle skool, there was this thick spanish chick who always wore Black Air Force 1's and the Jordan XII's (white and black colorway) that looked sexy as hell. Then there was this black chick also in middle skool who wore the Jordan XIII's Black and Brown colorway that looked sexy as hell. By the time I got to high skool I knew that feet turned me on. A lot of my teachers throughout my school days wore open toe shoes that drove me crazy as well. Around the middle skool era, I noticed that when women wore jean shorts and shorts in general and exposed legs turned me on too. There was this leggy cashier who always wore jean shorts and air force 1's that worked in the supermarket when i was in my pre-teens. As I was bagging the groceries, I would always find myself staring at her legs and shorts. Lastly, Bonnie Consolo (sexy how she did everything with her feet), Dominique Swain; (Lolita), just sexy foot movements and teasing clips, WWE's Nidia, Mrs. Parker (Friday), Elise Neal (Money Talks), Bridget Fonda (Jackie Brown); jean shorts and legs for days, all contributed to my foot/leg/thigh fetish. I didn't find out about what a foot fetish was and how deep it got till my college days around 2008-2009. I clicked on a youtube video where a woman was in an office doing shoeplay, a woman wearing heels stuck in sticky taffy trying to move, and a foot candid video and it was on from there. I started reading up on what fetishes were. I started doing foot candidz around 2008-09, and during that time, I started uploading videos to youtube & clips4sale. I started learning more about certain fetishes around 2011-12. That's when I hooked up with my bro SoleSkeeta from around my way, as we did business together and recorded certain fetish clips with some models he put on. Now I'm trying to take it to another level, expanded my business and work with different women who are open and like minded.